Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

Hader Clinic Queensland Private Hospital is Australia’s specialist drug and alcohol detox treatment facility featuring an on-site residential rehabilitation centre.

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How to get detox treatment – all the admission information for patients.

About the Hospital

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is Queensland’s only dedicated primary addiction treatment hospital specialising in detox and withdrawal.

About the Hospital
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Admission into Hader Clinic Private requires a referral from a Psychiatrist or GP.

Detox Program

Our 28 night drug and alcohol detox and withdrawal program will support you to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal while allowing detox from drug use.


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It’s ok to ask for help. Our team of psychiatrists, medical, nursing and Allied Health professionals provide expert care to manage and treat addiction and mental health disorders.

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"That first drink was super intense, the excitement of it felt intoxicating. From that moment, I couldn’t put it down."
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"I didn’t want to go out into the real world straight away because I’d spent so long in addiction."
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Accredited drug and alcohol health services provider

Hader Clinic Queensland Private Hospital is HDAA accredited and complies with the requirements of the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards. Certificate number 1316NSQ1.