Hader Clinic QLD Private Hospital

Treatment for Addiction and Substance Misuse

  • Brand new Specialist Private Hospital
  • Priority admission
  • Intensive programs
  • In-patient addiction services
  • Private Health Insurance accepted

Queensland’s only dedicated addiction treatment private hospital.

In-patient detox and addiction treatment that also addresses mental health conditions that can co-occur alongside substance misuse.

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is dedicated to providing the highest levels of care, accompanied with compassion, inclusivity, respect and expert support.

  • On-site 25 bed private hospital
  • On-site residential rehab
  • Abstinence-based programs focused on long term recovery
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Psychoeducation program
  • Treatment of co-existing mental health issues
  • Comprehensive aftercare programs
  • Post-treatment recovery app

Program Enquiries

For more information or to discuss treatment options, please get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I be admitted?

Being a private hospital there is no waiting list, unless our 25 beds are full. We are able to offer a fast and efficient admission process.

What is the admissions process?

Unlike other providers, admission into Hader Clinic Queensland Private is usually quick, depending on availability. Our admissions team will guide you every step of the way.

Step 1: Contact Us

Please call us on 1300 856 847 to start the admissions process.

Step 2: Phone Assessment

We undertake a comprehensive phone assessment that includes your history of substance use, mental health, medical conditions and family history.

Step 3: GP Referral

Our admissions team will assist you in obtaining a GP or psychiatrist referral that is needed for admission.

Step 4: Admission

Our admissions team will now be able to provide you with your admission date and time, completing a simple, stress-free and quick admission process.

Is Hader Clinic Queensland an approved DVA provider?

Yes, Hader Clinic Queensland Private is proud to be approved to provide private hospital services to the veteran community for treatment of substance misuse.

DVA issues health cards to veterans to ensure they have access to health and other care services. White and Gold DVA Health Card holders can undertake private hospital services at no cost, with immediate admission with a doctor’s referral.

Do I get my own private room?

Yes, all patients have their own private room.

Is detox medically supervised?

Yes. Prior to entering the hospital patients undergo a thorough medical assessment, in order to ensure their treatment plan is perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Upon admission to Hader Clinic Queensland Private, patients will undergo a medical detox, which is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our medical team, who ensure patients undergo detox as comfortably and safely as possible. Experience with detox is different for every patient and the withdrawal process can vary depending on the your medical and substance-use history.

What symptoms can I expect in detox?

The symptoms of withdrawal can include:

  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety, irritability
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite
  • Delusional thinking and hallucinations
Are Private Health Funds accepted?

Yes, we accept most major private health funds. Please contact us on 1300 856 847 for more information.

A look inside the hospital

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is Queensland’s only dedicated primary addiction treatment hospital.

Real-life recovery

Recovery is possible: Watch Wil's story of hope and success. Proving it’s possible to change your life.

Feedback and Reviews

With out the hader clinic I don't know where I would be the program saved my life I am grateful from the bottom of my heart
The Hader clinic saved my daughter’s life.. she was broken at arrival to a different positive girl at the end.Right from the beginning everything seemed so right, the staff were extremely supportive and compassionate. The program, the tools and the friendships created will be valuable for the rest of her life.Thank you to everyone who was there for her on this journey.I highly recommend The Hader clinic to anyone suffering an addiction.
I feel alive ,Thanks for helping me on my journey paddy
Doing the 90days had really flipped my life around as I now have a clear mind and body with a clear sense of direction!
I did the 28 detox in the private hospital and was nice and clean and new. Everyone at the Hader clinic were amazing. The staff and nurses were very friendly and made my stay very comfortable. My experience was fantastic and so glad I decided to go. Would definitely recommend to anyway who is struggling with addiction. If you go in with an open mind and willingness to learn and do what's needed you won't regret it.
Hader has changed my life. Recovery from addiction is now possible one day at a time with the support of the staff from Hader Clinic Queensland.
The Hader Clinic is an excellent treatment centre with experienced and compassionate staff, good facilities, and a high rate of treatment success. This is apparent from getting meeting many people that have been to the Hader Clinic (more than any other rehab) who remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. They can cater to immediate admission (unlike other treatment centres) and have a fully self-contained detoxification unit accredited as a private hospital. The Clinic also has clinical input from multiple doctors and a visiting psychiatrist.
Your clinic and its program 's saved my daughter I thank you I have my daughter back she's working and is happy and 5 months sober. SO HAPPY
Thanks heaps to Hader you are a god send you saved my life. Awesome program. Great support workers and nurses. Excellent food. I can't thank you enough.
Life changing experience for me. I didn't want to go but once I was there I realised how much I needed it. This place saved my life
In the time that Danny was at hader he as well as myself felt very supported and welcomed no question was to hard and the meetings gave us a greater insight into addition I thank you you all sincerelyDanny and Sue
We have found the Hader Clinic to be amazing and life changing for our daughter and us as a whole family - Hader explain that addiction is a family disease, and they are so right after 90 days we now have our family back again. We are so grateful, believe us its worth every penny - Rob and Jayne
Caring, considerate and life-changing.
Hader has just been amazing for our son. This is the first time he has had a program to follow after leaving rehab. The fellowship has been so good for our son. I have never seen him so determined to get better and has like minded friends now. Thank you for the special program that Hader provides.
90 days at Hader has saved my life!
Excellent program! I have learned about the disease of addiction, its impacts and how to deal with it in everyday life. I would recommend Hader Clinic Queensland to anyone who fighting their own battle with addiction, or knows someone who is.
A professional organisation that deals in addiction and mental health rehab.
Before finding Hader Clinic, I was trapped in the cycle of relapse. In and out of rehabs and detox facilities for the past 5 years. But Hader was different. The staff are real, understanding and work with you to find the roots of the problems. Today I live life in the solution of recovery and remain forever grateful to have found The Hader Clinic!
Amazing staff who have real life experience. Was like meeting family I never thought I had.
I attended the 90 day residential program and have not looked back! The clinic was described to me as "not five star accommodation, but definitely a five star program." This was 100% correct! Not only have I completed the 90 day residential program at the retreat, I am still currently attending the Transitional Housing Program. This is ensuring I ease my way back into mainstream life with the best possible foundation in recovery. The Hader Clinic Queensland includes all the aspects of a successful rehabilitation program to ensure I put my recovery first. I tried many attempts at recovery from addiction with no success. This experience has changed my life and given me tremendous hope for the future.
Got clean here
I arrived at the Hayder clinic broken & tired wanting my misery to end. I had tried Doctors, psychiatry & cold turkey all to no avail. Whilst at Hayder I learnt that I do have a disease. A disease that affects many others just like me, I am not alone. I found the support staff to be just that, great support. They helped me find the tools I need in my toolbox to start living clean and become a grateful recovering addict. The TC and staff helped me find the person who become lost 26years ago. I will be forever grateful & I can now become the man that I knew was inside and he doesn’t have to be isolated anymore. I worked hard to be an addict and I apply that same work ethic to my recovery. If this sounds familiar to you I recommend the Hayder clinic.
This Clinic changed my life for the better! I highly recommend it to anyone with Addiction problems!
Accredited health services provider

Hader Clinic Queensland Private Hospital is HDAA accredited and complies with the requirements of the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards. Certificate number 1316NSQ1.