Family Engagement Program

Hader Clinic Queensland Private recognises that substance and behavioural addiction has an effect on the family, as well as the patient. In fact, by the time most families seek treatment for their loved one, the disease of addiction has typically progressed to a crisis stage for all involved.

Family Engagement Program

The experience of Hader Clinic staff, as well as evidence-based research indicates that when all family members become involved in the treatment process of recovery, outcomes are enhanced.

Addiction has a profound impact not only on the dependent individual, but also on their friends, family, and loved ones.

Hader Clinic Queensland Private provides a dedicated Family Engagement program facilitated by qualified staff. The program aims to assist you to develop your understanding of addiction as a disease and to navigate your way through your own process of recovery. This is facilitated through online and face-to-face family support sessions, education sessions, and a workbook to complete.

The program provides families with the knowledge and tools to be able to repair fractured and damaged relationships, which are a consequence of addiction.

Engagement in the Family Program aids self-reflection as well as the behavioural change that is required to move forward in a healthy way.

Engagement in the Family Program is provided to you as part of your loved one’s treatment program and does not incur any further costs. The sessions that are delivered will include a range of topics such as:

  • The disease of addiction
  • The stages of change in Addiction
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Family roles in addiction/recovery
  • Healing guilt and shame
  • The value of the Twelve Steps
  • Co-dependency & detaching with love

The program aims to develop your own skills and tools to create and maintain healthy relationships in recovery. The education and support sessions allow you time and space to build your internal resources, receive peer support and feedback, as well as time for questions and answers with our qualified team of Family Program Coordinators.

Resources and handouts are often provided as a source of ongoing learning, discussion and reference to support the longevity of your own recovery and healing.

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