Hader Inpatient Program

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is an abstinence-based program that focuses on patients’ long term recovery free of alcohol and drugs.

Abstinence is Possible

Hader Clinic Queensland Private promotes total abstinence, and therefore does not prescribe maintenance doses of medication. We incorporate the psychosocial model approach via our unique addiction treatment program, which equips patients with the tools needed to live a fulfilled life free from addiction. Our holistic approach gives patients the best chance at achieving long term success with their recovery.

Step 1: Detox and Withdrawal

Entering rehab often starts with detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Detox is the process of removing the substance from the body and managing the acute withdrawal symptoms experienced.

Upon admission to Hader Clinic Queensland Private, patients will first undergo a medical detox.

Medical detox with Hader Clinic Queensland Private is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our medical team, who ensure patients undergo detox as comfortably and safely as possible. Experience with detox is different for every patient and the withdrawal process can last for several days or weeks depending on the substances used.

Step 2: The Hader Clinic Queensland Program

Once stabilised, the patient will begin the Hader Clinic Queensland Psychosocial Education program. The purpose of the program is to address not only the physical, but the emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of recovery as well.

Recovering individuals will be introduced to a range of therapeutic approaches to recovery from trained and experienced staff, many of which have lived experience in recovery. This includes:

  • Psychological interventions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Individual and group counselling sessions
  • Therapeutic community
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition education
  • Exercise with exercise physiologists, including daily walks, yoga, and meditation.
  • Intensive group therapy, where recovering individuals share experiences and stories with others in recovery
  • Education on healthy ways to reduce anxiety and improve sleep
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and in-house meetings
  • Family engagement program

After completing their 28 night hospital stay, recovering individuals have the option to continue the education program through Hader Clinic Queensland’s residential rehabilitation program.

A typical day in rehab

Addiction Treatment Program

Step 3: Hader Clinic Queensland residential rehabilitation program

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is located on the same property as Hader Clinic Queensland’s residential rehabilitation facility.

Individuals have the option to complete either an additional 30 or 60 days at the residential rehab facility, which is highly encouraged.

Completing 60 days in residential rehab in addition to the 28 nights spent in hospital is optimal, as chances for long-term recovery and positive behavioural change are increased.

Step 4: Aftercare

Hader Clinic Queensland provides a comprehensive aftercare program that includes:

These aftercare options are designed to help recovered addicts manage their addictive behaviours and prevent relapse.

Private Health

Hader Clinic Queensland Private is a fully accredited hospital which accepts private health funds. Excess fees and gap costs may vary depending on the level of cover from the health fund. Our staff will give an estimate of these fees prior to admission.

The admission process is simple, and begins with a phone call to our office, or enquiry via our website. Enquiries are accepted from the individual, their friends or family, their GP, or by other clinicians such as psychologists and counsellors.

Please call 1300 856 847 for more information.

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