Hader Clinic Queensland Private facilitates a 28 night drug and alcohol detox and withdrawal program that supports patients to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal while allowing them to detox from drug use.

Multi-Skilled Team

Our addiction and mental treatment program is overseen by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team consisting of general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, AOD nurses, support workers with lived experience and other allied health therapists.

Trauma Informed Approach

Our trauma informed approach encompasses a medical and psychosocial approach, which is built around abstinence, the 12 step program and includes group and individual therapy. Additionally, Hader Clinic Queensland Private recognises that in order to prevent relapse, relational dysfunction within the family unit should be addressed and treated.

Family Engagement Program

We work with patients and their families to rebuild trust and understanding by using a suite of tools and strategies that help families get back on track.

This is facilitated by our Family Engagement Program that educates families about addiction, the key elements of recovery and how to support a loved one’s recovery journey. Our program shows families a way forward in breaking relationship patterns that contribute to the cycle of addiction, and helps create an understanding of how unhealthy patterns contribute to family dysfunction and breakdown.

Therapeutic Environment

Studies have shown that belonging to a therapeutic community increases the odds of long term success. Hader Clinic Queensland Private provides access to a 24/7 therapeutic community which involves both individual and group therapy within the framework of the 12 step program. Involvement in a recovery rewarding, nonjudgmental and compassionate therapeutic environment allows clients the opportunity to build healthy relational and social skills, while reducing and reduce feelings of isolation and shame.

Hader Clinic Queensland Private differentiates itself from other private hospital providers offering concurrent specialist addiction and mental health treatment for dual diagnosis. The condition of “Dual Diagnosis” is where an individual is suffering from both addiction and a comorbid mental health illness. The conditions are intrinsically linked – that is, you cannot successfully treat one condition without the other.

Hader Clinic Queensland Private’s program provides a medical psychosocial model of care encompassing behavioural change.

Our holistic approach treats all facets of substance abuse, addictions and mental health including the emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and social.

Continuing Care

The cornerstone of Hader Clinic Queensland Private’s program is its commitment to the provision of continuity of care, and successful client outcomes with a suite of evidence based, proven long term programs.

These include our thirty, sixty and ninety day residential rehabilitation program, our Transitional Housing program, and our intensive outpatient program.

Treatment plans are tailored towards the needs of each client which creates an individualised pathway to success.

Evidence Based Approach

Our evidence based approach reflects cutting edge practice in response to latest published research in the fields of addiction and mental health.

Patient success Stories

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“That first drink was super intense, the excitement of it felt intoxicating. From that moment, I couldn’t put it down.”

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“I didn’t want to go out into the real world straight away because I’d spent so long in addiction.”

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Accredited drug and alcohol health services provider

Hader Clinic Queensland Private Hospital is HDAA accredited and complies with the requirements of the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards. Certificate number 1316NSQ1.